MEMORIZE & DEVELOP an Efficient Swing thanks to Audio & Visual Real-Time-3D-Biofeedbacks!
MEMORIZE & DEVELOP an Efficient Swing thanks to Audio & Visual Real-Time-3D-Biofeedbacks!


MEMORIZE & DEVELOP an Efficient Swing!
EVALUATE, ANALYSE, TRAIN & IMPROVE thanks to Audio & Visual Real-Time-3D-Biofeedbacks!

“Because golf swing is taking its power from the ground, training for an efficient pelvis movement is the first key to build a durable and efficient swing!”

MEMO SWING uses the 3D gyro sensors of your iPhone or iPod Touch to analyze and control in real-time postures and movements of your pelvis during full swing, and particularly at address, top and impact.

MEMO SWING is also the first biomechanical golf swing analysis application, which once running, is entirely controllable by the movements of the body with the assistance of sound, vocal and even visual instructions when AirPlay Mirroring is activated!

Indeed, by using AirPlay mirroring, with compatible devices, it is also possible to train in real-time with visual live-3D-biofeedbacks, whereas your device will stay attached in the middle-backside of your belt!

All-in-one software, MEMO SWING offers complementary modes, with “Control & Free Practice“, “Fitness Training“, and “Evaluation” ; with a real-time capture of your pelvis swing andinstantaneous reports on “in ranges” postures angles (at address, top and impact), tempo, velocity (acceleration, deceleration, peak speed timing) and most of all, biomechanical indicators of your pelvis stability thanks to angles and speeds graphs generated.

Thanks to live-3D-biofeedbacks, instead of guessing, it is now so easy to train your muscle memory precisely and to work on efficient postures and movements.

Memo Swing will play your favorite song or music when your pelvis angles will enter in the “correct” ranges (tilt, side-tilt and rotation ; one by one, two by two, or all of them together). It is even possible to generate an audio and visual alert for an excessive rotation at the top of the backswing!!!

From the main home screen, “Memo Swing” tab :
– setup your profile (male/female, left/right handed particularly),
– switch then on “Practice Drills” tab,
– choose one of the drills between “Full Swing“, “Chipping“, “Putting” and “Live Settings“,
– adjust audio settings (especially by choosing the “in ranges” music or song directly from your iTunes library),
– then switch your device on landscape mode to run live-3D-biofeedbacks,
– accept to run “tilt calibration” (at least once by session),
– attach your device in landscape mode on the middle-backside of your belt,
– follow vocal instructions for calibration,
– and then… SEE, HEAR & FEEL in real-time your pelvis swing!

Do not hesitate also, to use with the help of your instructor the “Live Settings” mode, to set up and to practice with your own personal ranges!

At home, in your living room (may be better in your garden!), of course on practice, but even on course, MEMO SWING will help you to memorize or re-memorize optimal pelvis postures and movements.

### If simple elastics rolled up around your belt should be enough, a belt holster could be useful to attach horizontally your device (iPhone, iPod) on your belt, in the middle of the backside.

### Use of headsets is recommended for an optimal training experience ; as well in order to respect other players around you!

### Please notice that a careful calibration is needed for an optimal use. Listen to and follow carefully vocal instructions.

### To ensure best performance, please notice that live capture mode is only available from iPhone 4S.

### For iPod users, please notice that without any magnetometer integrated in your device to compensate automatically the yaw drift which will appear, that you will have to run the rotation calibration regularly during training session.

### MEMO SWING has been developped as a professional tool for golf instructors and players aware of biomechanics concepts and interested in training with!

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